SK Federation Election Complaints

SK Reform Coalition Secretariat has received on the conduct of SK Federation elections all over the country complaints tru text/call and online messages in FB and this site. During the Federation elections we set up a hotline were SKs or KK members can text/call and report anomalies/irregularities in the conduct of their federation elections.

We are glad to report that we are able to promptly call the attention of DILG local officers concerned in Bicol and Mindanao, through the Office of SILG and thus normal conduct of federation elections were facilitated. Intervention from local politicians were minimized if not totally prevented.

We view that clean and honest elections in the Federation level is very important to provide the SK officials moral high ground and basis in pushing for SK Reform. We expressed this statement in our previous blog.

We express our dismay on the reports of irregularities still in the conduct of the last Federation election.  Two of these are the cases of elected SK Federation presidents in Marikina City and Subic, which again we forwarded to DILG.

Below is a copy of a letter we sent and the prompt reply of DILG National Office (We applaud DILG NBOO for this.) That DILG National has no jurisdiction on the case is a bad thing. However, having SKs complaining and DILG National acting on their complaint is a very good development. It also means that local officials, including those in local DILG, are now given the impression that we are observing and that we want a more efficient and effective SKs. This is one big leap ahead. We shall take bigger leaps.

And it starts with each of us working together to reform and empower SK.

Send us your reports.

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