WHEREAS, the Student Council Alliance of the Philippines is the largest and broadest formation of student councils, political parties, organizations and young leaders in the country with member-schools in more than 60 provinces and 100 cities nationwide.


WHEREAS, the Alliance pushes for the direct and meaningful participation of young people in the affairs of the State.


WHEREAS, the Alliance also commits itself to actively strive for progressive and positive change within the society in which it exists.


WHEREAS, the Youth in Nation Building Act or Republic Act 8044 stipulates that the State “recognizes its responsibility to enable the youth to fulfill their vital role in nation-building”.


WHEREAS, House Bill No. 468 or the Sangguniang Kabataan (SK) Reform and Empowerment Bill sponsored by Akbayan Reps. Walden Bello and Kaka Bag-ao seeks to “putting the SK on the right track” requiring “an overhaul of its set-up”.


WHEREAS, the Alliance vehemently opposes the abolition of the SK and present alternatives to it as a struggle against tokenism and band-aid solutions.


WHEREAS, the Alliance supports the provisions of the HB No. 468 especially the strengthening of the Katipunan ng Kabataan or KK as an oversight body in the affiars of the KK.


WHEREAS, the Alliance supports HB No. 468’s provision on the creation of the Katipunang Pangkaunlaran ng mga Kabataan which has the mandate to draft the youth development plan of the SK.


WHEREAS, the Alliance recognizes the need to, as HB No. 468 provides, democratize the access to power by introducing anti-dynasty provisions.


WHEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED AS IT IS RESOLVED, that the Student Council Alliance of the Philippines strongly supports the passage of the Sangguniang Kabataan Reform and Empowerment Bill (HB No. 468).


In the name of the Alliance,


(sgd)                                                              (sgd)

GIO TINGSON                                              GIBBY GORRES

National Chairperson                                  National Secretary General


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